150 HP Low Belt Starter


Face Area Low Belt Starter


150HP Low Belt Conveyor Starter Box

System Includes:

  • 225Amp Mag Only Breaker (Inst. 11250-2250Amps)
  • Benshaw Brand NEMA Size 5 Contactor with O/L Protect (Cutler-Hammer AN13P – O/L Relay)
  • BWI Brand Digital Tach Switch Relay (Model# 220-8000) for Sequence and Slip
  • Twist Lock Receptacles for Field Devices (Seq, Slip, Fire, Spill, and Remote) with Light Indication
  • Intrinsically Safe Relay (SMC MP130) for Remote Pull Cord
  • 120VAC Power via Twist Lock for Belt Spray Solenoid
  • (Figure 67 PG) MCI Brand Gear Mounted Input Plug for Supply Power Cable
  • (Figure 67 RG) MCI Brand Gear Mounted Output Receptacles for Out Going Motor Cable
  • Starter Box Enclosure Skid Mount for Portability (Skid DIM DIM 48”L x 27”H x 20”W Approx. )
  • Starter Box PA Approved with BOTE # (for use in Under Ground Mines the state of PA)
  • 120VAC – 15Amps (GFCI) Protected Duplex Receptacle
  • Motor Amp Meter


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